Responsible Adult is an person over 16 and capable of looking after younger people. 

Children aged 0-3 years must be accompanied in the water by a responsible adult on a one to one basis. 

Children aged 4-7 years must be accompanied in the water by a responsible adult who can only be responsible for a maximum of two children – however, children aged 6 or 7 years who are able to pass a swim test will be able to use the pool whilst their carer remains at the poolside. (The justification for this variation centres on the size of the pool).

Children aged 8-10 years may use the pool unaccompanied but it is strongly recommended that they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

Children with special needs must be appropriately supervised.

It is the duty of the responsible adult to remain in full eye contact of their charge(s) throughout the whole of the visit to the pool and to make alternative arrangements should it be necessary to leave the child(ren) at any time.  (Please remember that lifeguards cannot supervise on a one to one basis and should not be expected to undertake this task).

Children under 3 years must wear a nappy (preferably an aqua nappy) while in the water.

Parent & Toddler
In this session only the shallow end of the pool is available for use. Because of this the admissions policy is relaxed slightly to allow any two under 8’s to one adult.

All non-swimmers should wear approved swimming aids such as arm bands and must stay in the shallow end of the pool.

Anyone who has an illness or disability which may impair their ability to swim must inform a member of staff of this condition prior to entering the pool.

Any person found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry.

All members of staff have the right to remove anyone from the pool who is considered to be a danger to others or does not adhere to the pool rules.

Admission to adult and ladies sessions is restricted to persons aged 16 years and over.