Admission Prices from 1st April 2016

£5.60     Adult
£2.80     Child
£2.80     Senior Citizen
£Free     High Life Member
£0.50     Budget High Life
£7.35     Swimming Lesson (per half hour lesson)
£0.50     Well Being Hour
£2.90     Shower only
£87.00   Pool Party with inflatable (per hour, conditions apply)
£73.50   Pool Hire (per hour)
£10.00   Kayaking (not covered by Highlife all inclusive)

General Public
This session is open to everyone. Floats are available.

Lane Swimming
Length swimming only in this session.

Parent & Toddler
Designed for families with very young children (no unaccompanied adults or children). The supervision ratio is relaxed during this session to allow one adult to two children. Only the shallow end of the pool is open during this session. Toys and mats are available.

Family Swim
Designed for families (no unaccompanied adults or children).

Octopus Obstacle Course
A fantastic, fun and energetic obstacle course in the pool. Participants must be between the ages of 5 and 15 and must be able to swim 15m unaided and be happy swimming underwater. More conditions apply, please call the pool for more information.

Well Being Hour
This is a normal general public session, but admission is reduced to only 50p for all non High Life members.

Exercise in the water with Katrina.

This session is only open to females 16 years old and over. Please note that pool staff could well be male.

Junior Kayaking
Learn how to kayak in the warmth of our pool. Participants must have passed the pool swim test. It is essential to book for this session.

Adult Kayaking
Different sessions are run at times of the year, from beginner sessions to rolling sessions. It is essential to book for this session.

Learn To Swim
We follow the Scottish Swimming syllabus for our swimming lessons. Seals, swordfish, sharks and dolphins. Swimming lessons run during term time, please call to see when there is a suitable space for your child. It is essential to book for this session.

Adult Lessons
Available for adults wanting to learn or improve in the water.